Bespoke Garden Lighting

illuminating gardens are specialists in the design, supply and installation of external low voltage lighting.

Constantly improving technology allows a well designed and installed low voltage lighting system to illuminate a garden as effectively as a traditional 240-volt system with a large number of safety and economic benefits.

As well as gardens we are able to light driveways, patios, decks, roof terraces, buildings, steps, walls, ponds, waterfalls, trees and landscapes.

We are approved suppliers and installers for in-Lite, who are one of Europe’s premium garden lighting manufactures, and we also offer our own well proven and cost effective system. 

1 - Bespoke Garden Lighting

Why Choose a Low Voltage System by Illuminating Gardens ?

From our initial consultation to final completion we will take care of every element of your garden lighting project.

All our lighting is low voltage, so unlike traditional 240 volt systems there is no risk from electric shocks.

Even if a pet chews through a wire or a child accidentally breaks a light, as our lighting is low voltage they are safe from electrical shocks.

We understand that gardens change and mature throughout the years, so we design our systems to allow for further additions in the future.

Another benefit of using a low voltage system is that the electricity used to power the lights is significantly reduced. The average power consumption for a 20 light systems is only 100 Watts!

The high quality LED bulbs that we use are rated to last 25,000 hours.

Unlike the thick and unattractive armoured cable used for safety with a 240 Volt system, our low voltage systems can use a much thinner and more discreet cable meaning they can be laid on the ground surface, through borders, ran along fences and walls or hidden behind features.

This simple way of connecting the system gives extra protection using the UK’s fuse protection standards.

Depending on what system you choose we are able to offer a range of control options including switched, automatic and App based.

We are able to supply lights and fittings from numerous manufactures including In-Lite, Hunza and Collingwood.

We guarantee our installations against all faults (except damage) including all fittings and bulbs for 12 Months after completion.

We offer a fixed fee yearly service for all our installations. We clean all lights and check them for water ingress and reseal if required, replace any broken bulbs and check all control boxes, transformers and visual wiring for damage or water ingress. This ensures your garden lighting remains reliable and in first class condition.

2 - Bespoke Garden Lighting

Lighting is well proven to deter unwanted snoopers and thieves. Being low voltage  our systems have extremely low power consumption meaning that the lights can remain on late into the evening without the fear of running up large electricity bills.