8 Reasons to Consider Outdoor Lighting

It is well known that good lighting inside your home will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, but are there are also many benefits to installing a well-designed lighting system in your outside spaces.

1 Increase the Usability of Your Garden

In the warmer months of the year, we tend to enjoy spending more time outdoors so combining a mixture of subtle and dramatic lighting can transform any outside space into a usable, relaxing and delightful setting – even after the sun goes down.


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2 Accentuate Your Outdoor Space

Incorporating lighting into both your front and back garden is a great way of highlighting your gardens best features and cleverly designed lighting will highlight your gardens best assets and help less attractive areas fade into the background.

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3 Extend Your Living Space

Your patio, decking area or lawn could be the perfect place to entertain, dine alfresco or even spend some quality me time. The addition of outdoor lighting extends the use of your outdoor living space well after dark.

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4 Modernise Your Homes Exterior

Outdoor lighting is a simple and effective way to update and modernise the exterior of your home and a well-lit exterior often makes properties look more cared for and prestigious.

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5 Curb Appeal

By highlighting your house’s architectural features, trees or potted ornamental shrubs your home will stand out from all the other houses on your road and emphasise your homes best features.

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6 Potentially Increase the Value of Your Home

Homes with outdoor lighting could potentially sell for more than homes without. This could be because buyers may feel your home looks more inviting, safer or more modern than one without, however, It is vital that lights are not poorly placed or installed as this could have the opposite effect and decrease the value of your home even after all your hard work.

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7 Safety

It’s always a good idea to ensure any pathways or steps leading to your home are well lit to ensure safe passage to and from your home.

8 Security

It is a well-known fact that well-lit properties are less attractive to burglars.

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